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I am a professional woodworker, specializing in designing items just for you to solve your problems and help make your life better. I'm located at 118 E Ridgeview Dr., Bloomington, Indiana.

You can reach me at 812-325-9823 or roger@hoosierwoodworks.com

July 6, 2020

Rolling filler into the canvas.

Hoosier Woodworks on Journey Indiana

The local PBS station did a short flick of me working on a canoe.

blockplane for woodworking classes

Woodworking Classes On Hold - BLUE HERON CLOSING

Micheal Evans, the owner of Blue Heron Woodworking Supplies, where I have had the great fortune of teaching in the last couple of years announced he will close the store at the end of July and start to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

To clear inventory, Mike is offering 25% off all items except Festool (drats!!!). Lumber carries a smaller discount. The discount will be progressive as the closing date nears. Check out his website for full details Blue Heron Woodworking.

So, what about classes? Good question! I have a very small shop ( view shop tour). Two students max. I will probably set up some kind of coaching session in the shop....or maybe I'll add classes...what do you think? Email me!

Online Store

Welcome to my store. All items are handmade by me, now with FREE SHIPPING !!!
Hoosier Woodworks Flag Case

Flag Cases

Protect and display the burial flag of your fallen veteran, firefighter or law enforcement officer in this handcrafted flag case made here, in the USA. Made from American black cherry or maple this case is made to the highest standards using dovetailed reinforced corner joints, not only for strength and durability, but also for its unique beauty. The beautiful, rich grain pattern is protected with  (...more)

Hoosier Woodworks Soap Rest

White Oak Soap Rest

Extend the life of your favorite bath soap with this white oak soap rest. White oak is the strongest, most rot-resistant wood in North America and will last for years. Wide, deep grooves allow water to drain away and air to circulate around your bar of soap, extending its useful life. No more “gucky” (...more)

Bullet Pens

This unique pen is made from two of the most popular rifle bullets in the US: The Springfield .30-06 and the Winchester .308. The .308-06 bullet is a 30 caliber round introduced to the US Army in 1906, replacing the earlier .30-03. It remained in service through World War I, World War II, the Koren War, and the Vietnam War. The .30-06 developed a strong following among big game (...more)

Wood Blocks

A local food columnist "just loves the feel and balance" of these forks. Handmade from local hard maple, these forks are a pleasure to use; toss a salad, stir roasting walnuts or sweat some onions. Finished with a little coat of walnut oil (will NOT go rancid, NOT made from petroleum). (...more)

Scrap Wood

I just can’t throw this away. I’m hoping some creative crafters can use this mixed box of mostly hardwoods, oaks, cherry, maple, walnut, some pine and cabinet plywood to make some interesting and cool things. Teachers may want a box of scrap wood for building projects, ecology lessons, and science lessons or “just to keep the little angels occupied for ten minutes!” All different shapes and sizes, unsanded, (...more)
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