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Hi. Welcome to my shop. I'm a professional woodworker and I get to work on all kinds of projects. If it involves wood, there is a good chance I've done it. I've been working wood all my life and started making a living at it in 2002. I love to solve problems and help people out. Here are some of the things I specialize in:

Wood Products A lot of my time is spent making products to fill orders from Etsy and Amazon marketplaces. I have a nice line of wood products like soap rest and flag cases that sell very well on Etsy and the ocassional craft show. --More

Furniture Repair I'm so glad to see more and more people caring for their old, heirloom furniture. Often pieces have sentimental value and need a little TLC to return them to functional, valuable treasures. Furniture repair can be very cost effective when compared what you find in retail stores today.

Custom Furniture and Cabinets I also get to design, build and install custom furniture and cabinets to meet the exact needs of home owners. I especially enjoy building a piece to match existing cabinets, like in the kitchen. Bookcases are always a popular home improvement project. Some projects get very specialized and contain hidden doors and secret compartments!

Random and Weird Woodworking Some of these projects really challenge my creativity. Many prove to be the most satisfying and rewarding....