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June 23, 2017

Yes.... I have Secrets.....

I read in a trade magazine about a contractor in Dallas, Texas who is offering a service to his customers of installing permanent, build-in safes. Near the end of the rough framing stage, his crew moves the large, heavy safe into a specially constructed opening, bolt it to the framing then adds drywall, a door, and trim. Homeowners love the added security and peace-of-mind.

This got me thinking about my secrets. They're not huge, heavy safes but rather small little nooks no one but the homeowner knows about. There is the false bottom in a built-in wardrobe, the newel post that contains a bottle of 24-year old scotch, the drawer that holds ^&())$+*67#2 and %&sdfdfy3&. There is even a bookcase that is a little more than just a bookcase..... and the desk with the hiding place for the expensive laptop when the owners go on vacation.

But none of this is new. Carpenters have been building secret passages and hiding spots for millennia--ever since people had things worth protecting!

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