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I am a professional woodworker, specializing in designing items just for you to solve your problems and help make your life better. I'm located at 118 E Ridgeview Dr., Bloomington, Indiana.

You can reach me at 812-325-9823 or roger@hoosierwoodworks.com

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Bullet Pens

These unique pens are made from two of the most popular rifle bullets in the US: The Springfield .30-06 and the Winchester .308. The .308-06 bullet is a 30 caliber round introduced to the US Army in 1906, replacing the earlier .30-03. It remained in service through World War I, World War II, the Koren War, and the Vietnam War. The .30-06 developed a strong following among big game hunters that continues today.

The Winchester .308 round was introduced in 1952 to hunters as a big game round. It has a shorter case than the .30-06, which allows for smoother operation in bolt action rifles. The .308 is nearly identical to the NATO 7.62 x 51mm used by NATO armies beginning around 1954. The .308 is still used by military and law enforcement snipers, big game hunters, target shooters.

All pens come in a convenient gift box with white fuzzy lining and a signed certificate with the above information.

Ink refills are readily available at any office supply store selling Cross style refills.

Avaiable in two finishes:
BRASS - $24.95 The natural brass is protected with wax but will tarnish with daily use. If left alone, your pen will develop a rich patina. If you prefer a brighter finish, buff with a metal polish like Brasso. The copper plated fittings, while durable, will wear with daily use.

CHROME- $29.95 The chrome-plated brass casing is protected with wax but should never tarnish with daily use. The copper plated fittings while durable will wear with daily use.

ENGRAVING AVAILABLE Initials- Add two or three letter initials to your pen on the cap to the left of the clip for an additional $15 USD. One Line- Add 12-15 characters in one line. Name, rank or motto are popular. +$20. Two Lines- Add two lines, 12-15 characters. +$25

Please include engraving instructions when placing an order.

Please allow about one week for engraving.


Text to engrave
Line 2

Text to engrave
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